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There are two ways to sell your house, there is the “traditional way” of selling your house with a realtor or working with a cash buyer like us.

Fast Offer NY Realtor
Fees No Fees Fees Vary
Commissions No Commissions 4%-6% of Selling Price
Time to Sell 1 to 3 weeks 4-6 months
Make Repairs No Repairs Yes Repairs
Broom Clean Leave what you don’t want to take Need to throw everything out, and usually hire company to clean out house
List house online No Listing Clean up house, take professional pictures
Inspection No Inspection Yes professional 3rd party home inspector
As-Is 100% As-Is Make Repairs

Selling to Fast Offer

You contact us that you want to sell your property, we will look at the property and since we are the end buyer, we will make you an all-cash offer with proof of funds. We will buy the property in as-is condition, there are absolutely no contingencies, no home inspections, no fees, and no commissions. We will close and you will receive the money in less than 30 days.

The truth is we have nothing against realtors, and actually most of our referrals come from realtors that get calls from home owners with distressed properties and tell them to contact us, likewise if you contact us and we think your house would be better qualified to be sold with a realtor we will be honest with you and tell you.

  • No Fees!

  • No Commissions!
  • We cover all closing costs!

Selling with Realtor

When you sell a house with a realtor the very first thing you need to do is give them “a listing.” That is an agreement they make you sign to allow them to be the agent to sell your house. These agreements are typically for 6 months or more commonly for 1 year! You are locked in with this realtor for that amount of time and they don’t even guarantee that they will sell your house!

Usually, they will tell you they will sell your house for a really high price that typically never happens… and they only do that to get your listing, then once the house is on the market, they will keep coming back to you to lower the price. They show your house for months and months, until finally they can hopefully produce a buyer. Then when there is a buyer there is a mortgage contingency.

This means that if the buyer doesn’t get a mortgage, you go back to square one and start all over! NOT FUN. Also keep in mind the bank sends out an appraiser to do an appraisal to make sure the loan amount is good. What happens if the buyer loses their job or changes job during this time? They could lose their loan and now you have to find another buyer. But here is the worst part, they will send a home inspector to your house and come back with a laundry list of repairs you need to make.

Also keep in mind if your house is in bad condition there is a huge chance it won’t even qualify for a buyer that needs a mortgage, so your only option is really a cash buyer, unless you plan to invest money and make those repairs yourself, and on top of all of that you have to pay the realtor a huge commission, about 6% of the selling price!

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